"Flushable" wipes causing clogs

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Posted, Monday, July 21, 2014 --- 4:09 p.m.

There's a problem clogging up Janesville and city officials say they need the residents help to plunge it out, and it all comes down to what you flush.

About 15 million gallons of sewage water flow through the Janesville wastewater treatment center each day. Bringing with it, anything else that happens to find it's way into the toilet bowl.

"I mean we'll find anything from little kids cars to golf balls," says Superintendent Joe Zakovec.

And although those things are probably accidents, many things are intentionally flushed that are causing the city a big headache.

"The flushable wipes have become very popular for people to use," Zakovec adds.

Zakovec says what's flushable and what should be flushed are two different things.

"They're labeled as disposable and flushable and yes, technically they are flushable but they do not break down."

Now, advertised "flushable" wipes are backing up the systems, causing blockages and pretty costly sewer main breaks.

The city is asking all residents to think before they flush. They say anything aside from human waste and toilet paper should head to the trash.