UPDATE: Darlington Sgt. Ruesga receives Stork Award

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UPDATED Monday, November 16, 2015---12:27 p.m.

DARLINGTON, Wis.---Sgt. Tony Ruesga of the Darlington Police Department received a Stork Badge for successfully delivering a baby on October 22 according to a release from the Darlington Police Department.

Darlington Police Chief Jason King recognized Ruesga at their month meeting on November 12.

Police said the pin, which is a police shield, bears a stork carrying a baby rather than the traditional police insignia.

King said the Darlington Ambulance Service was unable to respond because they were already tied up in an emergency call.

He said Ruesga delivered the baby while waiting for the Mineral Point EMS to respond.

The baby boy and mother were transported to Memorial Hospital in great health.


Posted: Friday, October 23rd, 2015 --- 6:15 p.m.

DARLINGTON, Wis. -- When you're an expecting mother, you probably imagine a hospital bed, and doctors around you when the baby comes. But a Darlington woman looked around and saw her bathroom and a police officer.

During his 16 years of service with the Darlington Police Department, Sergeant Tony Ruesga says he's never delivered a baby...until yesterday morning.

"The call came in around 10:13 in the morning."

A first response call for a woman about to give birth.

"The first thing I saw was the mother and the father. They were feeling desperate. The father was in the living room and the wife--the girlfriend, I believe, was in the bathroom," said Ruesga.

Ruesga says he kept her company while waiting for the ambulance.

And police dispatch calls confirmed the mother was having continuous contractions.

"I was hoping the ambulance would be arriving soon. I've never done anything like that before so I was hoping that the ambulance was coming quick," said Ruesga.

But the baby was not one to wait around.

"That's when Ruesga knew it was up to the two of them.

"We kind of made a weird eye contact, and I said it's just you and I...so let's go ahead. I will help you the best I can and so probably within six to eight minutes later, the baby was born," Ruesga said with a shrug.

"Usually, I'm squeamish of things like fluids and stuff but I didn't think of that. She needed me and I needed to be focused on her," added Ruesga.

Ruesgay also says he's known the mother ever since she was a little girl, making this incident even more special. Most importantly, mom and baby are doing fine. And Ruesga says it just goes to show that there's more to police officers than enforcing laws.

"I've always been a proponent of law enforcement, being more than just issuing tickets, and making traffic stops and doing the stuff that require enforcement. There's so much more to law enforcement and this is one of those things."

The baby's family released a statement, giving a shout-out to Sgt. Ruesga, along with the dispatch team and EMT's. Members are also thanking the Darlington community and Southwest Wisconsin for the outpouring love and congratulations.

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