Local 11-year-old gives back to kids in need

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Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2014 --- 9:45 p.m.

A Lake Mills middle school student is making a big donation for kids in need.

Eleven-year-old Libby Porter has been collecting donations for the Salvation Army for the last three years. This year, she made a goal to need a U-Haul to drop off the items.

Today, Libby and her Mom arrived at the Salvation Army of Dane County in their rented U-Haul, with more than 100 bags of donations.

Collectively over the last three years, Libby donated about 100 bags. This year alone, she collected 113 bags.

"It feels good, I'm really excited," she said.

Each "Night-Night" bag contains a stuffed animal, blanket and books. The team at Salvation Army will distribute the bags in the next few weeks.

"Words can't express how overwhelmed we are, how thankful we are. [Libby] gets us excited. She gets staff excited, and she gets volunteers excited. And it's all in a day's work for her," said Debra Crye, Volunteer Outreach Coordinator for Salvation Army.

Libby's mom, Jennifer Porter, said it's even more special for her family to make the donation around the holidays.

"It takes the focus on giving to others and not just receiving, but caring about others and thinking outside of just what you can receive, but what you can also give," Jennifer said.

Libby hopes her project will inspire other kids her age to find their own ways of giving back.

"Do something, because it makes you feel really good and it makes someone else feel really good, too," she said.

Already, Libby said she has a few donations at home for next year's project.