Local company donates $50k in computers to Boys and Girls Club

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Posted: Thursday, September 11, 2014 --- 9:23 p.m.

A local company is investing in area youth by donating more than 50,000 dollars worth of new computers to the Allied Boys and Girls Club in Fitchburg.

Meicher and Associates purchased 26 computers, work stations and printers, which were revealed during a ribbon cutting today.

"It means we can learn more," said 10-year-old Anijah Brenston who attends the club.

Gordy Meicher wants to make sure the kids have the tools they need to succeed.

"We've provided them with the best technology possible so no kid that comes here and works with the boys and girls club has a reason to fall behind," Meicher said.

Dane County Boys and Girls Club CEO Michael Johnson said he's been trying for three years to get a new computer lab. Three weeks after talking with Meicher about the idea, it happened.

"As an after school provider, our kids shouldn't just be coming to our centers just to shoot pool and play basketball, you have to have that academic component," Johnson said.

The ribbon cutting happened one day after the Wisconsin Council on Families and Children released a report suggesting African American kids in Wisconsin are worse off than those in any other state. Johnson said relationships between private companies and youth organizations will be one key to improving the situation.

"I could have wished for it but if the resources didn't come in from this private company, guess what, it wouldn't have happened," Johnson said.

Now that it has happened, Brenston has a message for Meicher and the others who made it happen.

"I would say thanks and thanks for all you did for us," she said.

The Allied Boys and Girls Club in Fitchburg has more than 800 members currently.