Local groups make plans ahead of DA decision

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Posted Friday, April 3, 2015 --- 9:25 p.m.

As the public awaits the decision on whether the Dane County DA will file charges in the Tony Robinson shooting, local organizations are making plans for what will happen after the announcement.

But those with the Young Gifted and Black Coalition aren't waiting around for the decision, they're already calling for an additional investigation to be done.

The group, asked the public to sign a petition calling on the United Nations Human Rights Council as well as the Organization of American States to launch independent investigations into the death of Tony Robinson as well as racial disparities in the Madison area.

The group says it doesn't expect the current investigation done by the Department of Justice to be fair.

"We don't- as a community don't view that investigation as truly being independent because many of the folks doing the investigation of that institution is still connected to the same institutions the same systems that the police are connected to," Coalition member M Adams said.

The Coalition isn't alone in thinking ahead.

The NAACP along with other civic groups have brought in St. Louis community leader, John Suggs. Suggs recently worked with Ferguson, Missouri after its police shooting, to encourage youth to come up with a collective plan when they want something to change.

"I believe you can see something really big and huge with young people involved, youth summit, there's a community forum that this collaboration is working on forming together and talking about initiatives and moving forward as well as a resource guide and understanding what resources are already out there," Suggs said.

As for the Madison Police, a spokesperson said on Friday, the department is making pans for the decision on charges, whenever that comes down.