Local woman "divorced" from her favorite store

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Posted: Tuesday, July 21, 2015 -- 10:30 p.m.

Imagine walking to the checkout at a store. Instead of ringing up the items, they serve divorce papers.

That's what happened to one local woman. Victoria's Secret is a household name that many would argue is the dominating brand in women's lingerie. That's the reason Amy Thompson is speaking up.

"I am infuriated; I don't think it's fair," said Thompson.

Thompson says she's a loyal Victoria's Secret customer, and she says for years she has run into major problems with the store.

In 2006 she was asked to sign a large sale cash form before buying merchandise. That same year she says her online orders started getting cancelled. In 2014 she says local stores will no longer accept coupons from her, and she also received a divorce letter from the store. It asked her to stop future purchases, returns and exchanges at the store. In 2015, a disorderly conduct ticket was delivered to her door.

Thompson filed a complaint with Wisconsin Consumer Protection. Victoria's Secret's parent company, Limited Brands, or L Brands responded.

They say Thompson was given coupons, gift cards, and great customer service, but they don't see her as a customer.

"At this point, I am convinced that Thompson is not an aggrieved customer, but a savvy business person..." reads the response from L Brands.

Victoria's Secret accuses Thompson of being a reseller. She takes some of the new clothing she buys and sells it on eBay. If she buys the merchandise with coupons, she can make a profit. Thompson says her eBay sales are nothing serious.

"It's a hobby; it's not something that's income," said Thompson.

Victoria's Secret alleges she's made over a hundred thousand dollars selling Victoria's Secret merchandise, and in their consumer protection response, they deny she had orders cancelled for no reason.

The divorce letter was also recinded on March, 27, 2014. The letter invites Thompson to shop at Victoria's Secret at her convenience. Thompson says her local stores haven't been honoring it.

Thompson says the manager at her local PINK store will not allow her to come in the store. In a video Thompson took, the employee states they haven't gotten clearance from someone higher up.

Thompson says the store also stopped taking coupons. She says she was originally told "the PINK store is not longer accepting those coupons but I can use them at any other location," said Thompson.

She believed that the PINK store was taking coupons, but had only stopped taking them from her.

"They do accept those coupons at both stores. just not from me," said Thompson.

Thompson's friend went into the store, and was allowed to use the coupon. Thompson went in with the exact same coupon, and the store refused to let her use it. Both of these instances were captured on video.

Victoria's Secret's response states they may "decline acceptance of all coupons from Thompson."

Victoria's Secret says they have evidence of Thompson's coupons being altered. They say she has cut off transaction dates of survey coupons, so stores could not determine validity. They say she purchased counterfeit coupons on eBay and used them at stores.

"I'm not an expert on what's a fraudulent coupon and what's not," said Thompson.

Thompson admits it's possible the coupons she bought on ebay were fake, but says she's not the one to blame.

"If they have my eBay records now, why don't they go back and look to see who I purchased them from and they can go after them," said Thompson.

She claims the fraudulent coupons Victoria's Secret presented in their response do not show any evidence they were used by Thompson. She also says Victoria's Secret did not bring forward any evidence to show the survey coupons were altered.

Victoria's Secret's response to Thompson's consumer protection complaint lists the disorderly conduct ticket as one more problem she's been for the store.

According to Madison Police, Thompson was removed from the West Towne store after allegedly calling a casheir names and saying, "You better watch it. I know when you get off work." Which the associate saw as a threat.

Thompson tells me the incident was made up.

"I told [Officer] Fahrenbruch that wasn't true and why would I say I know where you work when we were already standing in the place where she works? That just doesn't make any sense, sounds made-up on the spot," said Thompson.

In the police report, Thompson admits to calling the store employee a condescending *****. She told police Marissa, the store clerk was working with others to ban her from the store.

"Marissa called Police to file the complaint which was 3 hours after incident occurred. Within these three hours, Marissa, Victoria's Secret Manager Carmen, Pink Store Manager Ashley *****, Corporate Supervisor Katharine ******* and Regional Loss Prevention Manager Brian ***** all had part in fabricating this story," said Thompson.

victoria's secret says thompson has sold more than 185,000 dollars worth of victoria's secret merchandise on the site. Listing 75 pages of eBay records as evidence.

"I have documentation of my records to proove that statement is false," said Thompson. "This is all just a smoke screen for the real reason they have been diligently trying to ban me and other legitimate paying customers nationwide from shopping in the stores. Bottom line, they don't want anyone to purchase in stores and/or use coupons if they suspect anyone of reselling."

Thompson disagree's she's a business. She only wants to be seen as a customer.

"Always. I always wanted to be treated as a customer. I never wanted any of this to happen. Nobody wants this to happen. I want to go in like anyone else, shop, and be treated like any other customer."

As for Thompson's Consumer Protection complaint, the Wisconsin Department of Consumer Protection says the two parties were unable to come to a resolution, and the file was closed.

Thompson says this is happening all over, but Wisconsin Consumer Protection says they have no similar complaints. Thompson hopes that anyone experiencing anything similar will come forward.