UPDATE: Cards to daughter from McFarland mom has turned into a book

Heather McManamy with daughter, Brianna

UPDATED: Sunday, April 10, 2016 --- 7:15 p.m.

MADISON, Wis. --- After losing her life to cancer just four short months ago, dreams for Heather McManamy are still coming true. Cards for Brianna has now turned into a book.

Laughter and tears, just the same way Jeff and Brianna McManamy have been getting through the past four months after losing the most important woman in their lives.

"Obviously we wish Heather was here to see this, but knowing that her book has actually come to fruition and is sitting on a shelf right behind us is huge," Jeff, Heather's husband, says.

The book started as cards, one for every milestone Heather's daughter Brianna will go through.

Now, with a little help from her co-author William Croyle, it's hitting the shelves

"October 27th was when I contacted her, and we turned the manuscript in 49 days later," Croyle says. "It was seven weeks, and then the next day she died."

And Sunday, in Heather's memory, they're signing not just keepsakes for Bri, but life changing stories for many others.

"It's not a book about dying, it's not a book about cancer," Jeff explains. "It's the exact opposite. It's really a guide on how to laugh a little more, love a little more and most importantly live, and make the most of every single day."

All the while keeping Heather's message strong.

"Make every day matter, plain and simple," Jeff says. "It's a reminder to take a step back and realize how lucky we all are because we have the day and there's a lot of people that don't and wish they did."

A portion of the proceeds from print book sales in April 2016 will benefit METAvivor, a non-profit, volunteer-run organization that helps fund research for metastatic cancer.

Posted Tuesday, December 15, 2015---12:17 p.m.

MCFARLAND, Wis.---Heather McManamy, a mom, a wife and cancer patient, who wrote cards to her daughter to open at different times throughout her life, has died according to a post on her Facebook page Tuesday morning.

Her husband Jeff said, "Hello all, I am posting this on behalf of the love of my life. These are her words. Much love to all. - Jeff McManamy

Click HERE to read the entire Facebook post.

We first introduced you to Heather, her husband and her daughter in September 2014 when she had just found out that her cancer had metastasized and there was no cure.

In July of 2015, her story gained national attention when she wrote notes inside cards for her daughter to open at different milestones throughout her life. These notes include advice, encouragement and memories so that her daughter knows she will be there for her forever.

McManamy said, "I want her to always know that I did everything I could possibly do to be here."

According to her Facebook page, McManamy had just finished working with an author on her book Cards for Brianna: A Lifetime of Lessons and Love from a Dying Mother. The book is expected to be published in early 2016.