Meet the "Thumbs" of UW

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Posted Wednesday, March 25, 2015 --- 6:10 p.m.

Nate Moll has the capability to reach thousands, perhaps millions, all over the world. All it takes is less than 140 characters and the click of a button. He's the social media specialist at University Wisconsin-Madison.

As Moll puts it, "I like to refer to myself as the thumbs of UW-Madison."

He has a little help from two interns and his department's director, but for the most part, Moll is a one-man show. And he's had a busy month.

Moll explains, "We have seen numbers like we've never seen before. Just all the hype with March Madness and the success of our basketball team. It's been so much fun to put stuff out on Twitter and Facebook that fans are interacting with."

He's also interacting with the competition. Since the NCAA tourney, Moll has had a little fun with the University of Oregon and Coastal Carolina. And people are taking notice.

Moll tells us, "I had an 80-year-old come up to me at church the other day and go 'oh, I loved your stuff with Coastal Carolina.' Like, I'm surprised you even saw it."

In fact Moll just received a shirt in the mail from his Coastal Carolina counter-part. He says beneath it all, his ultimate goal is to advance the university's name, and keep people talking about the Badgers.

Moll says, "There's no better way to reach in to everybody's household around the state, around the country, around the world, of Badger fans, and interact with them in a personal and fun way."

Moll tells us he usually watches Badger games with his laptop nearby, so he can keep all those social media accounts current and poke a little fun at the competition. Aside from sports, Moll interacts with alumni, students and those looking to apply to UW.