Monona Terrace renovations creating controversy

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Posted: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 ---10:52pm

The Monona Terrace is seeking city money for upgrades.This includes spending over a million dollars on bathrooms alone.

Monona Terrace Executive Director Gregg McManners says the renovations will help build a better guest experience and most importantly keep up with competition.

The 2014 renovations include replacing sprinklers and carpets, but he most controversial upgrade is to the Monona Terrace bathrooms.

Sixteen bathrooms will be upgraded. Each will cost upwards of $75,000, with total cost of $1.2 million. And that's not sitting well with some, who want to see the money used to deal with overcrowding in local homeless shelters.

However, the renovations are being paid for by room taxes and not general purpose tax dollars.Room taxes can be used for upgrades to convention centers and bathrooms, but not for homeless shelters.

The vast majority of the renovation will be completed during a 6 week time span around Christmas through January of next year.

As far as future improvements to the restroom, McManners says unless there are dramatic changes in technology, there will be no need for future improvements.

Next week, the Monona Terrace will hold a press conference to discuss the renovations.

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