Mount Horeb students organize "I Am Jazz" readings

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

MOUNT HOREB, Wis. -- A legal fight over a book has students taking reading into their own hands.

Mount Horeb high school students held flag pole readings of the book "I Am Jazz" Wednesday. The book is about a transgender child, and was originally scheduled to be read to students at the Mount Horeb Primary Center. A Florida-based group threatened the school with a lawsuit, so the official reading was canceled.

"It was really disappointing because I know that would have been a really helpful book to have when I was a kid," says Toby Loutheris, a sophomore at Mount Horeb who identifies as non-binary or gender-neutral.

But according to the Florida-based group, several parents have concerns about the book and the damage and confusion it could cause their children. The group writes "there is no credible medical authority establishing the proposition that biological sex can be changed." It adds the book is false and misleading.