UPDATE: New hope in Rock County cold case

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Updated Friday, February 19, 2016 -- 5:10 p.m.

BRADFORD TOWNSHIP, Wis. -- A new sketch is providing hope for those trying to solve a cold case that's more than 20-years-old.

In November 1995, a man's body was found along Turtle Creek near Waite Road and Highway 140 in Bradford Township. Since then, efforts in identifying John Clinton Doe have fallen short.

But a new strategy is hoping to solve the mystery.

"When cases get this old, people forget about it, then they kind of die down," lead searcher Jack Friess, said. "I think it's important for every person has a name and if they die their name will stay with them."

Friess is a cold-case searcher with New Look Investigations and has been on this case for over three years. The private investigator has been working off of an FBI commissioned image that was created using skeletal remains. But after coming up with no leads, they've taken this search in a different direction.

"We wanted to check the foster homes in the area and in the state to see if he had lived there and then aged out out of the foster care system, that's why no missing person report was filed, we think. So we needed to have a younger looking unidentified John Clinton Doe," Friess said. "The artist took this picture and used sound forensic age reduction techniques and created [another] image."

The new sketch was released earlier this month depicting the male in his teens hoping to trigger a memory for anyone.

"The whole idea here is get people thinking about what was going on in the early 90's in their lives, and do they have connection with this guy at all."

A guy Friess has spent a lot of time searching for and won't stop until he finds him.

"I've spent quite a few hours, maybe 20,000," Friess said. "To give him his proper remembrance, if nothing more than put a proper gravestone with his name on it."

Posted, Friday July 11, 2014 --- 6:06 p.m.

His body was found decayed in the woods almost 20 years ago and his identity is still a mystery. But now there's a new lead in identifying Rock County's only John Doe.

For the past two decades Rock County has cross referenced more than 60 missing persons against the badly decayed body found near Clinton with no luck.

John "Clinton" Doe was found by hunters on a November night in 1995, on the banks of the Turtle Creek. With each day that the 16-or so year-old boy goes unidentified, investigators say it gets harder and harder to figure out who he was.

But recently a volunteer on the case took a chance submitting the files to the Smithsonian to see if it would qualify as one of the few cases the DC institute helps out with, for free.

"Explained our plight and frustration and peaked their interest and she said they hadn't selected a case and they'd go ahead and take ours, so we lucked out," says acting coroner, Lou Smit.

Submitting a bone fragment from the boy, researchers determined that he grew up in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Michigan. Narrowing down the nationwide database of missing persons, and the coroner's office was given a sketch. An idea of what the boy looked like when he died.

"Now we have a target audience and in fact our press release that was sent out today we also sent the release to the other areas, the other states that I had mentioned before," says Smit.

Smit says he just wants to get this boy home.

In November it will be 20 years since John "Clinton" Doe died, Smit says the offices goal is to have a name by that anniversary.

If you have any information you're asked to please call the Rock County Coroners Office, or Sheriffs Office.