New pipe solves water main break problems

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Last winter Madison saw water main break after water main break.

"Hundreds. Over four-hundred water main breaks. Typically, we would have half of that, even less than that," said Adam Wiederhoeft with Madison Water Utility.

Madison Water Utility has found a way to resolve the problem without tearing up the street.

"You would see a trench going down the entire length of the road," said Wiederhoeft while at a job site on Madison's east side.

This job site may not be what you expect.

"It's a low conflict project for the neighborhood. The road is, as you can see, quite passable," said Wiederhoeft.

It's made up of a few orange blockades and a truck, and a lot of the work is done in that truck.

They are feeding a camera through 4,000 feet of water main. Scoping out any previous breaks before they install the cured in place pipe.

"It looks like almost a fire hose... and then it's pressurized during the installation process and heated up with hot water. And that hot water cures that resin into a hard new plastic pipe," said Wiederhoeft.

What they're working on is called a cured in place pipe; they're essentially building a new pipe inside the existing one.

"This area is targeted because of a long break history here. There's been a ton of water main breaks," said Wiederhoeft.

But the cured in place pipe starts a new life for this water main -- guaranteed fifty years.

"We shouldn't see another break on this segment of main," said Wiederhoeft.

Three streets off Independence Lane will have their water mains replaced, but that's all Madison Water Utility can fit in this year.

They are currently searching for neighborhoods that they can do this project again in 2015.