Parents question why Mount Horeb H.S. Fitness Center is closed

Mount Horeb, Wis. --- A newly built $700,000 fitness facility at Mount Horeb High School just opened on February 1. It was funded by donations and taxpayers. It was used often by both athletes as well as the community; however, some are wondering why it has been sitting empty for the last three weeks.

“It's student used, plus the community. We have the rec. department here Monday through Thursday and they're also locked out, ” said Joen Meylor.

She's just one of many parents who are left wondering why.

“Our athletes are searching for some place to workout. We've talked with the local fitness clubs. We're trying to figure something out for them,” said Meylor. “We're all scrambling.”

Superintendent. Deb Klein declined an on-camera interview with NBC15, but did say in a phone conversation that there had been a few injuries that happened in the fitness facility and the school board was looking at hiring a trainer to make sure all coaches and staff know how to use all of the new equipment. She says the locks are being changed on the doors and has hopes the facility will reopen sometime next week.

Some parents are frustrated. They say that information hasn't been communicated to them.

“My concern is we built this state-of-the-art fitness room and it's been closed for 20 days.” Meylor continued, “We have athletes that use that room daily as well as the community. No one can get in the room without any reason from the school board and our superintendent.”

When asked if parents had been notified about the closure, Superintendent Klein said she wasn't sure. She did say the kids who use the fitness room were told it's closed until further notice.

Lieutenant Patrick Piper with the Mount Horeb Police Department said the department did assist EMS with two separate calls at the fitness facility. One happened on May 24 and the other on May 29. Since those injuries involved minors, Lt. Piper couldn't speak to the severity of those injuries.

NBC15 also placed calls to Mount Horeb School Board President, Mary Seidl. She has not returned our calls.