Several protest Wisconsin school mascot

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Posted: March 14, 2014 --- 9:35pm

You'd expect to find signs and posters at a basketball game, but they generally pertain to the sport. Friday night, outside the Kohl Center, that wasn't the case.

"It's a really bitter soup and it's time it needs to change” says Thomas Sobottke, a former teacher at Mukwonago High School.

But, Sobottke wasn't there tonight to watch the boy's team take on Neenah High School. He and several others are protesting Mukwonago's mascot, the Indians. It's a name Sobottke says is derogatory and invokes racism.

"The people that are Native Americans, all over the country, are asking for respect” says Sobottke.

This is far from a new controversial matter. The school nickname sparked passage of bill, signed into law by Governor Walker this past December. The law recently, passed by Walker, repeals an old one where simple a complaint was needed to spark a review. Back when the old law was in place a complaint was filed saying Mukwonago's mascot was offensive But, the school declined to change it, citing financial reasons.

"When it comes from the top down instead of coming from the bottom pick on high schools I just think it's so inappropriate” says Tom Doyle, who doesn't agree with the protesters.

The school no longer uses the Indian mascot image on its memorabilia. Instead, you'll find just the letter 'M' instead. The image, however, remains on a sign outside the school.