Students present biking bill at the Capitol

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Published on Thursday, February 4, 2016 -- 5:15pm

MADISON, Wis -- A group of fourth and fifth graders from Cooper School in Milwaukee were in Madison to day to present a bill they wrote in class to a Senate committee.

The bill would make biking the official exercise of Wisconsin. The students say they chose biking because it's an activity for people of all ages and has substantial benefits for your health.

"If you bike you can keep up your exercise and your health and you won't become a couch potato," one student said.

The students are learning about government and how a bill becomes a law. They say they are excited to see the bill get this far.

They say writing the bill and getting it to the Capitol has been a long process and that they've learned a lot along the way.

"It takes time to do something, It's not like the bill would come from us just doing it all the way to a law in a week. It takes time you have to be patient," one student said.

For many students this was their first time visiting the Capitol.

"I was surprised that it was divided like a compass," one student said.

The students had a chance to give their presentation in a public hearing and meet lawmakers that work at the Capitol.

Next, an executive committee hearing will be scheduled so the committee can vote on the bill. If it passes, it will head to the Senate floor.