Supporting Families Together Association encouraging action through Teach-A-Thon

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Posted Tuesday, April 28, 2015 -- 6:46 a.m.

This year will mark the Supporting Families Together Association's 4th annual Small Changes Make a Big Difference Teach-A-Thon.

Their goal is to educate 1,800 adults in the state of Wisconsin on how to recognize, and do their part to prevent child abuse and neglect.

"Child abuse and neglect are toxic stressors that can really break down that foundation."

That's why during the month of April, the Supporting Families Together Association has held their Teach-A-Thon.

"This is an event that we partner with our members, childcare resource centers, referral agencies, and family resource centers across the state to train a high volume of adults in how they can help to prevent child abuse and neglect from occurring in Wisconsin," says Jill Hoiting, SFTA's co-director of programs and external relations.

The training focuses on five factors that are well-researched, and truly prevent child abuse and neglect.

"Those protective factors are parental resilience, social connections, concrete supports in time of need, the knowledge of child development and parenting, and the social emotional competence of children."

Despite a 5.5% drop overall in CPS maltreatment reports in the past ten years, thousands of children are still victims- proof that recognizing child abuse and neglect is critical.

"We want every adult to understand when they suspect child abuse and neglect is happening, what do they do in that instance? And so the best thing to do is to believe a child. If they disclose this, we want every adult to know that it's important in that key moment to believe the child."

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