Tim's Travels: Manny's "Big Boy" Ears

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Back in April, we introduced you to Manny Wilke of Beaver Dam. He's a 5 year old boy who was born with an extremely rare ear condition.

Over the past several months, doctors performed a series of ground-breaking surgeries to fix the problem.

Manny was born without ears (bilateral microtia) and his ear canals sealed shut (bilateral atresia). But thanks to the miracle of medicine, Manny is well on his way to improved hearing.

5-year-old Manny Wilke has been to hundreds of doctor's visits.

“Yeah, this is definitely one of those marathons,”

To get him to behave, mom Tiffany has a trick up her sleeve.

“Since we go to a lot of appointments, he gets a dollar if he sits really still. So sit up big, sit up tall, and you get your dollar!” said Tiffany to Manny.

Today, Manny is getting a check-up on his brand new, big boy ears.

“He loves his big boy ears!” said Tiffany.

Back in April, surgeons in California opened his ear canal and attached a synthetic ear.

“He was a huge trooper,”

Manny went back to California in August for same surgery on the other ear.

“He's been through the bulk of the procedure, about 80%, he's been through the difficult part so far. Within four months, he had two ears two open ear canals,” said Tiffany.

“And his ears really look fantastic and I'm sure you've seen pictures of him before the procedure and comparatively to now. And as time progresses, they are going to look more and more natural,” said Dr. Danny Yaish of the Beaver Dam Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic.

Manny's story was even featured in last month's edition of Inspire Magazine.

“When I saw his ears for the first time it was so exciting. I mean I had been looking at him for four years without any ears and to see him with this ear out of nowhere was just really great, he was so excited,” said Tiffany.

“He just kept looking at himself in the mirror, ya know, looking a himself and wanting to touch them and get on the phone with dad and say daddy I have big boy ears!”

Manny earned another dollar for his latest doctor's visit. Now it's up to him how to spend all that cash.

“What happens when we get to 10 dollars? “ asks Tiffany.

“11!” shouts Manny.

“Yeah, but what do we get to do when we get to $11?”

“Um...Play!” responds Manny.

Doctors say Manny will probably never be able to hear 100%, but the surgeries should improve his hearing significantly.

To follow Manny's progress, visit www.mannywilke.com