Wisconsin Book Festival bringing authors, events to Madison

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Posted October 15, 2014 --- 7:30 a.m.

The Wisconsin Book Festival is back for its' 13th year, and they have a lot of exciting things planned for October 16th through the 19th.

"We have events in every genre. We have fiction events, poetry events, performance, art, non-fiction, biography, really something for everybody," says Conor Moran, director of the Wisconsin Book Festival.

There are even events slated for the youngest of readers.

"Some of the most exciting events will take place here in central library starting off Thursday afternoon with Jordan Ellenberg, and run all the way through Sunday morning with Michael Perry and his new young adult book."

Both national and local authors will be stopping by the festival to interact with readers.

"We hope that people come and experience author events because author events are really special," explains Moran, "They're people that we spend so much time with, the way we experience books is so personal and getting to meet an author and tell that person what you thought of what they wrote is really special."

Whether you are a fan of paperbacks, or you like relaxing with your e-reader, it's an event for anyone who likes to escape into a good book.

"One of the main things that we hope people take away from it is getting to know what you're going to read all winter."