MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Let’s face it. The news is not as predictable as a TV schedule – nor is your life. It would be too convenient for everything important – for everything you need to know – to happen at 5 p.m., 6 p.m., or 10 p.m. It would also be nice if life meant always having time to plop in front of the television whenever you like.

That’s why NBC15 News works to meet you where you are and on your time. Not able to watch a newscast on a regular television? That’s okay, because they are all streaming on our website, in our smartphone apps, and on many Smart TV devices. And, if you could not sit down to watch right when the show began or missed an important story, don’t fret. You can go back and watch our most recent newscasts right on your television.

Downloading our Smart TV apps for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV not only offers livestreams of our newscasts as well as replays of recent ones, it also gives access to NBC15 News’ extended coverage and in-depth series. Or, catch up quickly on the day’s major stories by selecting the stories that are most important to you.

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On Your Phone

NBC15 News lives on your smartphone too, with our NBC15 News and First Alert Weather apps.

NBC15 News App

Download the news app to stay on top of the latest information about what is happening in Madison and the rest of southern Wisconsin.

  • Keep track of top stories all day
  • Be the first to know when news breaks
  • Easily find all NBC15 News coverage
  • Stream live and recent newscasts
Screenshots of the WMTV NBC15 News app.
Screenshots of the WMTV NBC15 News app.(WMTV-TV)

Weather App

Download the First Alert Weather app to get severe weather alerts that target where you are, not an entire region. Track the storm yourself with our interactive radar. And, watch the latest forecasts from the team you’ve come to know and trust.

  • Get alerts that matter where you are
  • Track storms with the interactive radar
  • Plan ahead with hourly & daily forecasts
  • Watch the NBC15 First Alert team explain what you can expect all day

“There are hundreds of weather apps to choose from. Ours is better,” Chief Meteorologist Charlie Shortino explained. “Powered locally by a team of meteorologists, local data, local information, and local forecasts all at your fingertips.”


On your Amazon Alexa device

Some days you simply do not have time to check the latest headlines or, more importantly, see if Mother Nature will cooperate with you. With the NBC15 News’ Alexa Flash Briefings, anyone with an Amazon Echo can catch the latest news and weather in stride with their busy day. Each briefing brings you the newest information and updated forecasts to help you prepare for the day or for a quick recap at night.

Setup is easy. Click here to download the skill. Or, you can simply open the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone and select “Settings” from the menu button in the upper left.

  1. Select ‘Flash Briefing’
  2. Select ‘Add Content’
  3. Search ‘WMTV’ and select our skill
  4. Select ‘Enable’ and NBC15 News will be there whenever you ask.

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