Who will be the next $10,000 winner?

Join the 2019 Project Money participants as they reduce debt and increase savings with the help of Summit Credit Union Financial Coaches.

You can do it too! Follow along and get advice from Summit’s financial experts to take control of your finances. You’ll learn to:

  • Reduce your debt
  • Save for the future
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • Set goals and develop a plan to achieve them

Project Money is a unique chance for four teams to work with a Summit Financial Coach to help take control of their finances and improve their lives. Watch as the participants build budgets, pay off debt and figure out how to make every dollar count! At the end of the 7-month challenge, we’ll see which team demonstrates the most change, and the winner will be rewarded with a $10,000 prize, while the other three participants each receive $2,500. Throughout the journey, we’ll document each team’s progress for the entire community to see and learn from. You can follow their stories and candid conversations by checking out the Project Money blogs, videos and Facebook pages. Follow the entire Journey at