Does Your Furnace Really Need to be Serviced if it’s Working Fine?

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Furnace manufacturers all recommend an annual inspection and maintenance by a qualified technician. It’s easy to say your furnace is working just fine so you can just skip having it serviced. But there are reasons why that isn’t always the best practice.

“It’s just like a car, if things get old things get worn out they turn on and off so many times and after so many times or trips or cycles things start to wear out or get dirty so it is important to have the furnace or air conditioner looked at just to make sure everything is running at it’s top efficiency,” said Dirk Lessner, with Harker Heating and Cooling.

A technician can alert you to potential problems that might crop up down the road allowing you to play for service in the future instead of losing heat unexpectedly on a cold night.

“It can really leave a customer or homeowner in a situation where they need to make a quick decision, whereas if they maybe had some routine maintenance they knew when something was going out they could better prepare for something out of the ordinary happening,” Lessner said.

HVAC systems endure the most punishment during the winter and summer, when property owners need to heat and cool their homes the most. Year over year, these systems wear down, parts deteriorate and fail, and performance suffers. It’s incredibly important for property owners to thoroughly check their HVAC seasons on a regular basis, and the changing of the seasons is one of the best times to do it.

There are some things you as a homeowner can do to help keep your HVAC in top operating order that doesn’t require a professional. One of the best ways to ensure proper HVAC system performance over the winter is to keep dust inside the house to a minimum. That may be easier said than done, but dust, dirt, and debris from inside your home can enter your heating system, hurting its performance over the winter. Purchasing high-quality filters can help.

Listen to what your system is telling you. Strange noises happen because of blockages, equipment breakdowns, loose bolts, and other issues that can quickly turn into big problems.

Most homeowners need to replace their HVAC system filters several times each year. High quality air filters for your HVAC system will pull more particles out of the air and keep indoor air quality at its best during the time of year when opening the windows for fresh air simply isn’t practical.

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