Tired of Dry Itchy Skin? Whole Home Humidifier Easy Convenient Solution

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The level of humidity in your home can drastically affect the comfort of your living space. But, finding the right level of moisture during the cold winter months can definitely be a challenge. That’s because the relative humidity of the cold outdoor air drops significantly when it’s brought into your home and heated. Not enough humidity can cause a lot of winter time problems.

“It’s dry air, so that aggravates asthma, and allergies, and it also causes dry itchy skin, dry throat when you wake up in the morning, bloody noses, all those things are nuisance problems during the winter months,” said Dirk Lessner of Harker Heating and Cooling.

But that dry air can also be to blame for making your family sick, since the viruses that cause colds and flu thrive in low humidity. It can make your house sick too, since dry air can cause cracks in walls or woodwork, and create more static electricity. Low humidity levels can even make you feel colder at normal temperature levels leading you to crank up the heat, and pay more for utilities during winter months.

“For many people the answer is adding humidity and a common way to do that is using a room humidifier,” Lessner said. “But with a stand alone unit you have to add water and it then humidifies one room really well. In fact, you might even have moisture collecting on the windows in that room.”

Many people find this type of humidifier inconvenient because you have to add water every day, there’s a risk of spilling large amounts of water and the areas they humidify are imbalanced at best. The good news is there’s an easier way.

“That’s with a whole home humidifier,” Lessner said. “It is self controlled, you just adjust it and it regulates itself and you don’t really have to worry about it again. These humidify every room, as long as there’s a vent in that room it gets humidity on a constant basis. You choose the level of humidity that is comfortable to you and it adjusts itself to the humidity level you choose. There’s no condensation on the windows because when it reaches the humidity level it shuts off.”

A whole home humidifier is installed directly to your home’s central heating and cooling system and delivers moisture to every room of your home, making your home more comfortable at lower temperature settings. You simply set the thermostat and forget about it.

“The units just need to be serviced each year like a furnace or air conditioner,” Lessner said.

“Plus, Aprilaire Humidifiers are made in Wisconsin, which is terrific, you are supporting a local business and families that are right here in Wisconsin,” Lessner said.

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