Why Did They Design It Like That? Madison Children’s Museum Hopes You’ll Ask!

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Learning through play is what’s at the center of the Madison Children’s Museum’s mission.

While it may not seem like learning, nearly every scenario, room, event and activity has been purposefully staged with learning in mind.

Many times that learning starts with something that doesn’t quite make sense and requires children and adults alike to wonder what is going on.

”We want you to say, ‘why did they do that like that?’ It’s all about getting you to be curious about it,” explained Deborah Gilpin, President and CEO of Madison Children’s Museum. “We know that older people are happier when they have had curiosity in their lives and we want to instill that behavior in children when they’re young and to inspire adults to keep feeling that way because they can be just as curious about things we do here that they don’t understand.”

That is especially evident in the museum’s newest space, the Wonderground, a four-season outdoor playspace with a double decker birdhouse and 12 foot tall spiral slide. There is plenty to be curious about for adults and children alike.

”It’s good for kids to see when their parents don’t know the answer and have to work to figure it out. It’s about learning the tools to solve something, not giving the answer,” Gilpin said.

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