Dentist Office Offers Patients Cleaner Teeth and Cleaner Air

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The latest in the war against the Coronavirus and the potential for its airborne transmission has companies turning to updated HVAC systems that can fight the spread of germs spread in the simple act of breathing. Madison No Fear Dentistry recently added the technology known as Bipolar Ionization to its dental practice.

“In this time of aerosol concern and droplet concern and all of those things that really contribute to health or infection, we installed a new system here that’s an ionizing system,” explained Dr. Dave Ducommun of Madison No Fear Dentistry.

“It’s in all of our forced air and the ionizing system literally creates positive and negative charged particles that will grab on to their opposite charge so if a virus a mold a bacteria or a piece of dust it will glom onto it and it literally precipitates it out onto the floor and it gets vacuumed up in our vacuum with a HEPA filter.”

Industry experts expect more businesses to follow suit as the demand for cleaner air keeps growing.

“We had that installed throughout our whole office. It runs 24/7 with fans and the air in here smells cleaner, feels cleaner, because it’s literally precipitating everything out. It’s a newer technology. It hasn’t been around that long. It’s very simple but unlike some of the other UV technologies the ozone technologies that aren’t very good for your lungs, this has zero impact on your lungs and it precipitates all those things out immediately. So, although we produce aerosols and we wear a 95 mask and all of that, it’s much safer in general in every area of our office.”

Recent advances in the technology have made the units more reasonable for small businesses and even homes.

“There were many other measures that we could have taken most of them were cumbersome, noisy, would get in our way of the operative field and everything else and we didn’t feel those were going to be super effective, and how do I know that they’re working right and how that it’s not bypassing the hepa filter inside these things, they use up a lot more electricity, there were just not a lot of good options out there to keep our air clean and safe. When we discovered this, and we did some research on it, we talked to our HVAC people and they said these are fantastic. So that’s what we had placed and I feel like we have a much better environment now because of that. Not only that, we have fresh air coming in and all of those things, fresh air replacement, but when the air is ionized like that it’s going to drop hard particles out and keep the air safe so we don’t inhale them. So, we’re very excited about it,” Ducommun said.