Your Next Dentist Visit May Look Different --What To Expect and Why

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Dentist Offices have reopened to see patients for routine visits but with changes due to COVID19 your next stop may feel anything but routine.

“A lot of things have changed as far as the COVID19 virus,” said Dr. Dave Ducommun of Madison No Fear Dentistry where new protocols are in place to protect both patients and their team. “We want to make sure that we keep people at a six foot distance at a minimum. If we get closer than that we want to certainly make sure that we have self protective equipment on because we have to treat everybody as if they have COVID19-- an active infection-- as if they’re walking around and they are asymptomatic yet they are shedding viruses. So, we treat pretty much every patient and each other in the office like that.”

From the moment you drive into the parking lot you will begin to see the changes in place.

“It used to be when you got to your dental office you would walk in and check in at the front desk. That doesn’t happen any more,” Dr. Ducommun explained. “We have a big sign on the outside of the building that says please text us to let us know you’re here and then in response we text them back a survey to make sure they’re pre screened and don’t have any symptoms at this time and a little consent form. It works really well and now we know who’s waiting in their car and who’s healthy and can come in.”

“Once we’re ready for them and we want to do all the front desk things we call them in As they get in they go straight to the sink and wash their hands. We want to make sure everybody’s got clean hands. We’ve blocked all the doors open in the building so there’s minimum surfaces to touch.”

“Once they wash their hands they come to the front desk and they can check in and do all their insurance things that they need to do and we take their forehead temperature to make sure that they actually don’t have a temperature at that time.”

No Fear Dentistry even installed plexiglass to help keep the front desk team and patients socially distanced.

“Then they are ready to go back and their provider is ready for them so they walk 6 feet away from each other, they go into the room and they’re asked to use a peroxide switch for 60 seconds. That actually is really effective against the virus and it kills the virus. So again one more time they wash their hands, sit in the chair to minimize touching of anything and then our team members get on their PPE and they are now protected and they can come within 6 feet of the patient.”

No Fear Dentistry is also limiting the use of ultrasonic dental equipment to prevent aerosols in the air and adding modern suction tools to procedures to further prevent aerosols

“It’s not that we don’t love all of our patients, we still love all our patients but we have to protect ourselves as well as the patients and everything we wear also protects the patients. The feedback we’ve gotten both online as well as what people have told us directly is that they feel very confident in the protocols we’ve taken and they feel comfortable here and like it’s a very safe environment for them.”

“All the love and care, the neck wraps, all of those things are still in place. We just have to make sure that we do it very carefully. Patients appreciate all of it. You can still wear the headphones, you can still look up at the ceiling and watch any TV show that you want or Netflix or listen to the stereo, any of those things are possible. They’re all still here, we just do it all very carefully.”

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