Holidays Can Highlight Need For Assisted Living

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Sometimes a visit with relatives over the holidays can bring to light changes that you may not have been aware of in a loved one’s lifestyle. You may notice things that seem off, or just not in sync with how your loved one used to handle life at home.  

“Oftentimes if you start to see a decline in your loved ones or your parents. It’s a first sign to start thinking about assisted living or memory care,” said Katie Rasmussen, Vice President of Operations at Park Vista Retirement Living. “If their personal hygiene is declining, maybe they’re not eating, the house isn’t kept up.”

There can also be issues remembering to take medications or safety concerns. If you are worried about things you see with a loved one, it may be time to consider a move. And while it may not seem like a positive step, it actually often offers many positive things like a community that provides socialization and ways to be less isolated.

”Most communities offer a variety of activities and ways to get them involved with others so if they’re alone at home looking at a move might be helpful,” Rasmussen said.

Families should also consider the toll it takes on loved ones who are the primary caregiver for another family member. A move can be life changing for the person in the caregiver role.

”Often it’s a loved one or spouse taking care of the other person and it’s helpful to become the companion again,” Rasmussen said.

Assisted living communities give seniors an individualized care plan in a residential community. These are for seniors that require some support but are not totally dependent on the support of a nurse or caregiver. Assisted living also provides activities for residents and meals usually.

The most common assisted living services offered include medication management and assistance with using the restroom, daily dressing, and hygiene. It also includes housekeeping, meals, laundry, and transportation services. Social engagements with transport are also part of daily life. Staff is available 24/7 to help with safety, care, and support.

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