June Dairy Month is Perfect Time to Learn About Farming

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Wisconsin’s dairy farm families are committed to driving our state forward. Not just economically, but through sustainable farming practices and providing the utmost care for their cows. That’s why learning a little about dairy farming during June Dairy Month and meeting some of the area’s dedicated farm families.

“My father-in-law started this farm in 1977 and he was milking cows in a stanchion barn on the other side of the farm,” said Krista Dolan of Dolan Farms. “My husband Ryan and I bought into the business in 2009 and we formed Dolan Farms LLC.”

Farming is a labor of love – a love of land, cows, family and feeding the world.

“I think it’s really important that people know where their food comes from because with social media there’s so many misinformation sites out there that can lead people in the wrong direction. My biggest thing is if you don’t know, ask a farmer instead of asking google. So, I post a lot on my own personal social media page showing people I show them the good I show them the bad. You know not every day is pleasant so you know people need to know that the animals are taken care of and everything that they do is taken care of.”

Farm families like the Dolans are committed to treating their cows and land with the utmost care and respect because quality care yields quality products.

“I spend my day making sure the ladies in the barn have everything that they need. Make sure the newborn calves are off to a good start making sure everyone’s doing their job and everyone’s happy.” Dolan said. “There’s a lot of people that we depend on to run our business and they depend on us. So literally all of the money that comes into the farm from selling the milk goes back into the economy.”

Buying Wisconsin dairy is not just delicious but supports your local farmer.

“Obviously dairy helps you build strong bones and puts calcium in your body, builds your bones, your teeth, all of that. Eat cheese, drink milk, eat ice cream, all those things,” Dolan said. “At the grocery store the biggest thing is to read the label and look for that tmade in Wisconsin symbol that’s on there that’s the most important thing and Wisconsin cheese is literally the best cheese.”

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