Divorce or Legal Separation? Which is Best for You?

Sponsored - If you’re currently in a marriage that is struggling, you may not feel ready to divorce and may want to consider a legal separation. But what does that really mean?

“Everyone knows what divorce is. Everyone has heard of legal separation. But sometimes, especially if it’s not a case with domestic violence or substance abuse, it’s a nicer way to approach a separation from a spouse to say I would like a legal separation,” said Ginger Murray, Owner and President of Your Family Law Center in Madison. “The only difference at the final hearing is testifying to the marriage being irretrievably broken versus broken. Otherwise we’re going to handle everything the same, the custody, the placement, the finances, everything else is the same and if we need to convert that later to a divorce we can do that easily.”

For many, just knowing where to start is overwhelming.

“Thinking about getting divorced or legally separated from your spouse is probably one of the toughest topics to handle. You’re thinking about that commitment that you made ‘til death do us part, but at the same time I think, people struggle with am I role modeling a good relationship for my children? Am I giving up a part of me? Is it time that I take a stand? And I just think there’s a better life for me and I’ll be a better parent if it’s not in this situation,” Murray said.

“I will tell you, I firmly believe the first step is finding an attorney that you can trust. Just like you would find a doctor you trust a mechanic you trust,” Murray said.

“Everyone at our office offers a free consult so you have a chance to get to know us and make sure you feel comfortable with us because you’re going to be talking about very intimate things in your life and the most important things in your life: your children, your finances and what your future is going to look like.”

From the first meeting on, knowing what to expect is important.

“When a client comes into that initial consult, one of the things we talk about is, ok, you’re here, you’re educated, you’re committed to what is happening next. How can I help you get over the next stage? I’m going to talk about what kind of pleading we’re going to file, I’m going to talk to you about who’s going to do that when we’re going to do it the fact that we’re going to let you know when we’re doing this, and the tone of the letter or the content of the pleadings so the client understands the way in which we’re approaching their current spouse on how to move forward,” Murray said.

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