Spring Cleaning Never Felt so Good-- Start Spring With Clean Healthy Carpets

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With so many different carpet cleaning choices how do you know which one is best for your carpet while also being healthy for your family and the environment?

“For a home you for sure want to do hot water extraction cleaning,” said Brad Zaugg Owner of Zerorez Madison. “That’s the best way to clean. There’s a lot of other varieties, but steam cleaning is the best way.”

And what is going into your carpet is extremely important as well.

“We take that a step further with our powered water so we’re not using soaps or detergents. Your house doesn’t smell like bad chemicals,” Zaugg said.

The tools follow as the next important component to getting cleaner carpets.

“One of the things we do in our process is a step that a lot of people don’t do in order to have a good cleaning. You need chemical heat agitation and time. We have a special machine that takes care of the agitation. It’s a double rotating brush machine. It really helps get what the vacuum misses so we go over your carpet with this before we hot water extract it . It gets up all sorts of junk including fibers from the carpet and dog hair and everything you can imagine it’s all ugly looking stuff.”

“We also have a patented wand that’s designed to recover more of the water. People don’t want to have soaking wet carpets so it’s going to clean better. it’s going to be drier and stay cleaner longer because there’s no product left in it that dirt is going to be attracted back to.”

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