Wisconsin Defense Ready for Test of #11 Michigan

Mon Sep 16 20:50:54 PDT 2019

Wisconsin Defense Ready for Test of #11 Michigan

Wisconsin defense ready for test of #11 Michigan

LIVE: Marlon Anderson speaks for the first time after being reinstated

NBC15 was the first to speak to the West High security guard, after the school district offered him his job back, a week after firing him for saying a racial slur.

VIDEO: First nationwide Marquette Law School Poll released

The first-ever national Marquette Law School Poll -- which examines public views of the U.S. Supreme Court -- was released Monday.

FULL INTERVIEW: Madison security guard speaks just after district rehires him

After learning that he was getting his job back, Anderson told NBC15 in an exclusive interview that the last week has been "probably the most humbling experience I’ve had in my life."

VIDEO: Republicans reject gun control bills, again

Republicans who control the Wisconsin Legislature aren't interested in gun control bills Democratic Gov. Tony Evers is calling a special session for them to take up.

MPD losing Neighborhood Officers

Why these specialty positions are so important.

VIDEO: Cash bond set for woman charged with shooting man in head in Janesville

A $200,000 cash bond was set for Nova Suarez, charged with attempted first degree intentional homicide for shooting her husband in the head.

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