It's Chief Engineer Tom Weeden's last day

Tue Mar 31 14:47:24 PDT 2020

It's Chief Engineer Tom Weeden's last day

SAYING GOODBYE: It's our chief engineer Tom Weeden's last day. He's the guy who's kept us on-air for decades and, after 34 years, Tom's riding off into the retirement sunset. Help us wish him the best!

Caravan Protest

Community members participate in a car protest to bring attention to injustice in the black community.

Old UW Credit Union billboard takes on new meaning for social change

The meaning of a COVID-19 message changed after someone spray painted 'George Floyd' under the tagline.

WATCH: Evers addresses death of George Floyd

Evers says charging all officers involved in George Floyd's death is a "step in the right direction."

WATCH: Health officials discourage 'mask shaming;

While face coverings are recommended by health officials, DHS says you shouldn't judge someone's decision to wear or not wear one.

Kids' App Pick of the Week: We Read Too

If you're having complex conversations with your children regarding protests and demonstrations -- today's app may be helpful.


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