The Wisconsin Book Festival

The Wisconsin Book Festival give attendees chances to discover new books, meet authors and have book signed.

The legend of Limburger: Known as the worlds stinkiest cheese

Chalet Cheese Cooperative in Monroe is the only cheese maker in the country still making the world famous Limburger cheese and they make it using milk from local farms.

Visually impaired passengers to start using new MSN airport service

Aira is an app which connects users to an agent who can provide them with audio cues to navigate through an airport terminal.

Committee approves $500 million more for schools

Committee approves $500 million more for schools

UW Health hosts graduation ceremony for Learn at Work students

22 graduates of the Class of 2019 walked the stage as part of the newest alumni of UW Healths Learn to Work program.

'The Longest Day' helps people fighting Alzheimer's in our area

Kate Mayefske with the Alzheimer's Association of South Central Wisconsin, and Melissa Gloudemen, a volunteer with The Longest Day, sat down with NBC15 to discuss how the groups are helping people fight Alzheimer's in our area.

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