Wisconsin man remembers Apollo 11 splashdown

Thu Jul 11 16:37:47 PDT 2019

Wisconsin man remembers Apollo 11 splashdown

Project Money: Team Becky and Steve

Summit Credit Union's Project Money competition continues as four teams work with a financial adviser to reduce their debt and increase their savings.

WATCH: Congressman Pocan talks Trump, Syria

Rep. Mark Pocan says he expects the House to vote on articles of impeachment against President Trump by the end of the calendar year. He also touched on Trump's actions in the Syrian civil war.

Flu Vaccine

Did you get your flu shot? Health experts say flu season is here, and it's best to get the vaccine now to stay ahead of the game.

Five teens arrested for stolen SUVs

This comes a week after police arrested two "kingpins" in car thefts.

Madison Youth Arts Center breaking ground next week on new building

Roseann Sheridan and Mike Ross are in the studio to talk about what the new center means to the community.

Pet of the Week: Meet Church & Pebbles!

This week's Pet of the Week segment features two four-month-old kittens named Pebbles and Church. These two kittens are up for adoption at the Green County Humane Society.

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